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Marc Klein, born in 1992 in Neunkirchen, Germany, discovered his artistic path in his early twenties, initially navigating through the realm of street art before delving into the world of painting.

In this exploration, what resonated most deeply with him was the autonomy and the sheer joy of creativity, liberated from the constraints of rules and conventions. As a child, impatience steered him away from figurative painting and drawing, finding solace and passion in the boundless realm of abstract, free-form expression—a passion that remains his central focus to this day.

A self-taught artist, Marc immersed himself in books and self-study, continuously expanding both his artistic and technical acumen. This journey led him to cultivate an incomparable style, fueled by spontaneous emotions.

The mirror series, a testament to this artistic evolution, begins with a black and white drawing. Marc navigates through diverse shapes and contours, culminating in harmonious compositions that define the mirrors. The subsequent color painting process unfolds intuitively, employing a variety of techniques. Guided by emotion, Marc selects colors and places them thoughtfully within the spaces he explored in his studies. Even in titling his artworks, Marc embraces poetic intuition, drawing from his experiences and senses.


Marc Klein's sensitive approach to his paintings creates a distinct emotional universe within each artwork, resonating profoundly with the observer. As the viewer sees their reflection in the mirror, the artwork reaches completion, prompting contemplation on self-reflection.

Integral to the mirrors is the play of light that traverses through them. Reflecting sunlight in a spectrum of colors, these mirrors transform with the changing seasons. A sunny spot alters the focus, leading to different hues and colors at various times of the day, inviting the viewer to engage in a dynamic exploration of the artwork.

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gallery Julia Johansen- Group Exhibition, Homburg


gallery schauraum - self exhibition, Worm


p7 gallery - Group Exhibition "self portrait", Berlin


BAODT - Frankfurt

Blue tricks- blue wash - Soho House Istanbul FOTOS

GU11 - Cologne  FOTOS

BAODT - München

BAODT - Hamburg


Galerie Dietrich , Köln, solo Show
BAODT - Vienna, group Exhibition

Blue Wash - London, group Exhibition

E-Werk - Berlin, group Exhibition

BAODT - Munich, group Exhibition

Gallery Red - Palma (Spain) - October

BAODT - Paris, group Exhibition

KIMSTUDIOS - Bochum, July 

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