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Marc Klein,  born 1992 in Neunkirchen (Germany), found his way in the young twenties through different street-artists to the actual painting process. 

In doing so, the autonomy, the enjoyment of creativity away from rules and conventions, impressed him the most. As a child he was way too impatient for figurative painting and drawing; it was the possibility of abstract, free work which brought him to the art and is the main focus point till today.

Self-taught with lots of books and self studies he broaden continuously his artistic and technical mind and thus found his incomparable style, which lives from spontaneous feelings. 

Thus the mirror series starts with a black and white draw, Marc directly finds a way through different shapes and contours to end in a harmonic overall pictures for the mirrors. 

The color painting process then happens completely intuitively with a diversity of techniques; emotionally driven he chooses colours and brings them into the places he found in his studies before. Also for the findings of titles for the artworks, Marc Klein is driven by the experiences and senses, almost poetically deciding what the mirror evokes in him.


Through his sensitive approach to the paintings, Marc Klein manages to establish his own world of feelings in the artwork; which rises instantly a feeling at the observer. Now, as the viewer can see him or herself in the mirror, the artwork is complete and the thinking process about this self-reflection is triggered in the viewers mind.

Another big part of the mirrors is in all ways the light which comes and goes through them. The mirrors reflect all light in the different colours that the special part is painted in. If the mirror has a sunny place and the seasons are changing, also the sun light will change  thus a different part of the mirror will be focused and will lead into a different place of different color on a different time of a day at the room. If you want to read more about this phenomenon, click here. 




gallery Julia Johansen- Group Exhibition, Homburg


gallery schauraum - self exhibition, Worm


p7 gallery - Group Exhibition "self portrait", Berlin


BAODT - Frankfurt

Blue tricks- blue wash - Soho House Istanbul FOTOS

GU11 - Cologne  FOTOS

BAODT - München

BAODT - Hamburg


Galerie Dietrich , Köln, solo Show
BAODT - Vienna, group Exhibition

Blue Wash - London, group Exhibition

E-Werk - Berlin, group Exhibition

BAODT - Munich, group Exhibition

Upcoming 2023

Palma - Gallery Red - October

Hamburg - Solo exhibition

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