about me


Born in Germany in 1992. Triggered with graffiti and Street Art in the beginning, the way quickly changed to a more abstract style of art. Now, my pieces are inspired by the universe, the nature and math. I think, math and art belongs together since the beginning of everything. 

In the Alu Series my work is inspired by tech and the work is done on tech devises. My algorithms help to restore the harmony in drawings and give the impression of a different organic world.

The mirror series  is in essence a commentary on the conversation people are having with themselves. Sometimes you can see yourself in the work, other times it is more abstract. The question is: how much of your private life is available on social media for all people? Is it all just beautiful or is it a deeper truth? 

Mirrors are used for perfection, to watch yourself and make you pretty. This series faces this dilemma. Is there enough conversation between the perfect look and the open mind of each individual we all pretend to be. 




gallery Julia Johansen- Group Exhibition, Homburg


gallery schauraum - self exhibition, Worms 


p7 gallery - Group Exhibition "self portrait"


BAODT - Frankfurt

Blue tricks- blue wash - Soho House Istanbul FOTOS

GU11 - Cologne 19.8-21.8 INFORMATION